About Visatronix

  1. What is visa drop box?
    1. To ensure a swift, efficient, secure and economical visa processing services in the best interest of the customers and the embassies.

      Visa services available on return basis through TCS Visatronix booking counters

  2. Is TCS issuing visas?
    1. TCS (Pvt.) Limited is responsible only for the safe carriage/transportation of your valuable passports/documents to and back from the embassies and does not guarantee issuance / sanction of visas in any manner.
  3. For which countries I can apply through TCS?
    1. India, Canada, Italy, Greece, Spain, Belgium & South Africa.
  4. Is it necessary to submit the passport with the application
    1. Passport is required for all countries (Except Spanish Family Reunion)
  5. Would you collect or deliver passports from our house/office?
    1. Under Visa drop box facility, collection or delivery is only available at our visa booking or delivery centers.
  6. From where can I collect application forms?
    1. All visa centers/counters. (Address link)
  7. I want an immigrant visa?
    1. Under visa drop box facility we only deal with non-immigrant visas.
  8. Where I can submit my application?
    1. At TCS visa booking centers / counter (Address link)
  9. What about the visa fee? (Visa Fee link)
    1. Canada (Bank Deposit Slip from Standard Chartered Bank)
      Belgium (Bank Draft from any bank)
      Greece, Italy, India, Spain (cash payment)
      South Africa (Bank Deposit Slip from any Standard Chartered Bank)
  10. What are TCS charges?
    1. Canada, Spain, South Africa (City To City Rs.690 & Within City Rs.345)
      India (City To City Rs.500 & Within City Rs.290)
      Italy, Greece (City To City Rs.690 & Within City Rs.345)
      Belgium (City To City Rs.900 & Within City Rs.575)
  11. In case of refusal do I get a refund of charges?
    1. TCS charges are non-refundable, but if High Commission/Embassy/ Consulate refunds the visa fee after processing we will refund it to the customers.
  12. What is the processing time?
    1. Spain, Belgium (5weeks)
      Canada, Italy, Greece (15 days)
      South Africa(10-15 days)
      India visit visa 2 months , business visa 21 days
  13. Office timings?
    1. 9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M
  14. I have to submit/collect application by self or I can send anybody for submission/collection?
    1. Those who submit their passport should come personally for collection.
  15. Children endorsed on mother’s passports can travel on same visa?
    1. Applicant is required to mention on the forms regarding the accompanying children and it would be written on the visa.
  16. Do we need to submit all old passports with the application?
    1. If High Commission / Embassy / Consulate requires old passports than its necessary to submit.
  17. In case of lost/damage?
    1. After acceptance of Visa Applications, Passports(s), or any other document for submission to the High Commission/Embassy/Consulate, TCS (Pvt.) Limited, will in no way, form or manner be held responsible for these documents after delivery of the document/ cases to the High Commission/Embassy/Consulate.

      TCS (Pvt.) Limited is responsible only for the safe carriage/transportation of your valuable documents and does not guarantee issuance / sanction of visas in any manner.
      TCS (Pvt.) Limited will not be responsible if any part of your documents/ package partly or wholly is misplaced, lost, damaged or delayed by the High Commission/Embassy/Consulate.

  18. I want to contact the High Commission / Embassy / Consulate?
    1. You can contact the High Commission/Embassy/Consulate on their telephone numbers.
  19. How do I track my case?
    1. Can contact the TCS location
  20. How do I know about the return of my passport?
    1. TCS will contact you.